Localisation : 12 kilometers from La Feuillie

Population : 102 inhabitants

Name of inhabitants : Chapellois

Superficie : 785 ha

Altitude : 207 meters

City hall : Dominique CAMUS

35, rue du Centre

76780 La Chapelle Saint Ouen
Tel :+

Open on Friday from 10 :00 am to 12:30 pm 

In the beginning….


The village of Chapelle-Saint-Ouen arises from the fusion in 1863 of Chapelle-Saint-Ouen, Bois-Gautier and Bruquedalle.



The chapel of Bruquedalle dating in 1773.



Manor house and its manege, in bricks.



The Church, dating in 17th century. It possesses a stone sundial of 1635.

The Wells of Brewery Northmaen.