Flowery city

Localisation: 11 kilometers of La Feuillie

Population : 175 inhabitants

Name of inhabitants : Hallotériens

Superficie : 803 ha

Altitude : 213 m

City hall : Richard BOCCI

495, Rue Eugène BISSON

76780 La Hallotière

Tel/fax : +33


Open on Thursday from 4 :30 pm to 7:00 pm

 1 village hall for 90 persons

For more details : Village hall

On the tracks of past…

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Behere was a learned botanist and a mathematician, born in La Hallotière May 21st, 1763 and died in Rouen on February 10th 1839.

Its herbarium, study of lichens, consults in the “Jardin des plantes” in Rouen.


The church  dating of 1720.

Agricultural manege  which is situated  in the park.


2 points of view, on the valley of Andelle,

One, near a tennis court and a second in the entrance of the village.


Circular dovecote. (Private)


Vestige of  ancient feudal castle. (Private)