Localisation : 14 kilometers from La Feuillie

Population : 250  inhabitants

Name of inhabitants : Héronnais

Superficie : 1072 ha

Altitude : 123 m

Streams : L’Andelle

                            Le Héron

City hall : Jean-Pierre BISSON

1452, route de Buchy

76780 Le Héron
Tel/fax :

Open on Monday from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm and on Thursday from 4:00 to 6:30pm

 In the beginning…


Several hypotheses for the origin of the Heron:

- Comes from the German-Celtic term " her, hon ", which means " hamlet of the Lord ".


- Comes from the Scandinavian term " Hairun " which means " wooded enclosures ".


On the tracks of past


Gustave Flaubert stayed at the Heron and was inspired by this stay in an important episode of Madam Bovary: Le bal à la Vaubyessard.




Ancient church Notre-Dame and Saint-Gilles dating of 12th century, modified in 17th century and in 18th century remaniements, and destroyed by a fire 1879.(Private)

In the middle of wood, chapel funeral of Pomereu d' Aligre, with whom the blazon decorates the gate, was built by the architect Louis Thérèse David de Pénanrun and was the object of a registration in the additional inventory of historic monuments, since August 31st, 1989. The architecture is really unusual in Normandy, with red bricks and white limestones evokes Pisa or Florence. Interesting inside,statues in marble and antique columns. 

Forge at the center of village.


Castleof the XVIIIth century builds by the architect Jean-Guillaume Bernard Vauquelin. (Private)


The manor house of Malvoisine dates the beginning of XVIIth century and was the object of a registration in the inventory of historic monuments since June 15th, 1993.


Seigneurial mound