Localisation  : 14 kilometers from La Feuillie

Population : 179  inhabitants

Inhabitants : Mésanguevillois

Superficie : 1055 ha

Altitude : 169 m

Streams : Mésangueville


City hall : Gilbert COUTARD

346, rue du Bourg

76780 Mésangueville
Tel/fax : +33

Open on Thursday from 5 :00 pm to 6 :30 pm



1village hall for 40 persons

For more details :Village Hall

In the beginning


Several hypotheses  for the origin of Mésangueville :

-Comes from " My or " mas ", which means"house".

Thus it would be the house of a man named Engeville


-would mean maybe the house of the tit


-Mésanger would be man's name of Germanic or Frankish origin.


 On the tracks of past…


Mésangueville already existed at the time of the Merovingians. In the XIVth and XVth century, the seigneury of Mésangueville was in the hands of the family of Boissay, then in 1629, René Godard Sieur de Glatiny buys him.


 Several peat bogs made exploited in the XIXth century.


Weapons of the municipality of Mésangueville :

 Of gold in the badge of mouths loaded with a tit of silver,

accompanied with four stone floors of sand put in rhombus.



Church with grey stones which would date the XIIth century. Stone octagonal baptistry, sculptured and swivelling wooden lectern.

                                                                    Manor house