Localisation : 5 kilometers from  La Feuillie

Population : 438 inhabitants

Inhabitants : Nollévalais

Superficie : 993 ha

Altitude : 87 meters

Stream : Andelle


City hall: Jacques CARRE

9, rue Fortin Marceau

76780 Nolléval
Tel/fax :

Open on Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 7 :00 pm  and on Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

1 village hall for 130 persons

For more details: Village hall

In the beginning


The origin of the name comes from "Loten Eisval" and from "Naili Vallis", who means «valley of the toll ". We fulfilled, until 1771, a toll fee for wines. Nolléval arises from the union in 1824 of 3 parishes: Nolléval, Boulay and Montagny.


 On the tracks of past …


In the time of Romain, there were forges and foundries. The river of Andelle was of use to the floating of the wood and some coal. 



Church in the modern stained glasses, reconstructed in 1885.

Statue dedicated to Saint Anne.

Former station

Brick-built dovecote in the hamlet of Montagny. (Private)


The church Saint Jacques de Montagny is demolished in 1832.

There is in 1870 a chancel of the XIIIth century, become a chapel. (Private)



 Lime tree says "Le Sully", in the hamlet of Boulay, planted in 1600, struck in 1958,

 lost many of its majesty.