Church, built to replace a very former church which was on the Mont Sauveur. The materials of the church stem from the country: the flint for its apse, the brick and the white stone. 

The chancel is certainly the most former part there, and would date the 15th and 16th century. During the 17th, were added the south chapel and the sacristy and to the 18th, the long nave of 18 meters.


The base of the bell tower is a quadrangular tower and possesses a clock dial situated in front of the castle and representing moon phases. The countess of Valon, owner of the castle, at the time, could see the hour of her window. This dial would have been made by abbot Lenostre, priest of Argueil and dean of Bray before the Revolution. A part of the woodwork of the church stem from the former Abbey of Bellozanne, ruined at the Revolution.

Beauvoir en Lyons

Porch and timber frame (1761)

Stained-glass window of Saint Nicolas (1860)

In cemetery : Tomb of Commanding officer Schlœsing. His plane was shot down on august in 1944 above the village.

Croisy sur Andelle

The Church built in 1261 is destroyed and replaced by the church Notre-Dame in the 17th century. It is in stone and in flint. The bell tower is a square tower.

La Chapelle Saint Ouen

The Church, dating in 17th century.It possesses a stone sundial of 1635.

La Feuillie

The first chapel built by Philippe Le Bel, was replaced by the church Saint Eustache.

Set up as parochial church by Reine Blanche d’ Evreux in the 14th  century.

Two chapels were added to the Renaissance, giving a particular structure to the church: a cross with double crossbar.

On the Romanics, the oldest and the biggest bows, there are  mouldings sculptured by marguerite to the right.

It also contains sculptured woodwork: stalls, panelling, confessionals, pulpit, baptismal fonts and benches and of magnificent stained glasses.

Built in 1560, the bell tower is considered as the bell tower of church covered in slates the highest of France with these 54 meters of height. Today, in the nave, a special frame built because of misfortunes of the bell tower (slope, collapse…).


The church is reshaped in the 16th  century, with a rustic porch of neo-Romanic style.

La Hallotière

The church dating of 1720.

La Haye

The church was built in its current place in 1261, on an land given by king Saint Louis.

 It burned in 1791, because of a badly put out wax candle, the people didn’t can stop the fire, because the pond were dry.

It is in 1846 when the current church was reconstructed.

The bell dates 1859 and renovations were made in 1892.

Hodeng Hodenger

Church of the 13th century and its porch which contains sculptures on wood cut, in the 16th century, and beautiful frame.

It is one of more beautiful churches of the region.

Le Héron

Ancient church Notre-Dame and Saint-Gilles dating of 12th century, modified in 17th century and in 18th century remaniements, and destroyed by a fire 1879.(Private)


Church with grey stones which would date the XIIth century. Stone octagonal baptistry, sculptured and swivelling wooden lectern.

Mesnil Lieubray

Churchof the XIIIth century, reshaped in the XVIIIth century.

Church dedicated to Saint Geneviève. This Saint, girl of farmer become religious who died in 512 at the age of 92, enjoyed a big worship in the Middle Ages.


Church in the modern stained glasses, reconstructed in 1885.



Morville sur Andelle

Church, former place of pilgrimage of Saint Ouen and Saint Anne. Its porch is sculptured. And its former parts, its bell tower dates the XVIIIth century.

Saint Lucien

Church,of the XIth century, dedicated to Saint Lucien de Beauvais (priest beheaded in the IIIth century near Beauvais). Stained-glass window of Saint Lucien (1875). Pavement in floor-tile of the nave. 

Sigy en Bray

Church Saint Martin , the former abbey church of the XIIIth century. Classified as "Monument Historique"