• In Le Héron : In the middle of wood, chapel funeral of Pomereu d' Aligre, with whom the blazon decorates the gate, was built by the architect Louis Thérèse David de Pénanrun and was the object of a registration in the additional inventory of historic monuments, since August 31st, 1989. The architecture is really unusual in Normandy, with red bricks and white limestones evokes Pisa or Florence. Interesting inside,statues in marble and antique columns. 
  • Church Saint-Denis of Hodeng and its porch of 16th  century with  8 statues.
  • In Nolléval, the church Saint Jacques de Montagny is demolished in 1832. There is in 1870 a chancel of the XIIIth century, become a chapel. (Private)
  •  In la Chapelle saint Ouen :The chapel of Bruquedalle dating in 1773.



In Nolléval, there is a statue dedicated to Saint Anne.


In Argueil : Calvary, way of Monts