Argueil : Old wells, rue de l’Abreuvoir

Croisy sur Andelle : well

Beauvoir en Lyons : Large wells in hamlet of Mont Réal.

Morville sur Andelle : Well, near the school.

Well in Fry

La Feuillie :Well of Mazis, being 95 meters deep and 1,50 meter in diameter.

The built set is 2,20 meters high. It was built in 1894, wooden, brick, flint and slate. On the side of the well, there is a small door allowing to reach the well to fill the trough of the cattle.

Well  at Hodenger.

La Chapelle saint Ouen : The Wells of Brewery Northmaen.

Sigy en Bray : Well inBois le Borgne


This mill is a private property in La Hallotière.The mill a story that has not yet restored, but it was in the 70s a very famous area sawmill. Lespersonnes came there often to cut pieces of wood. It was also used to grind grain.

opening:By appointment

Mr François Bertin

+33 2 35 09 20 or +33 6 60 66 23 07

Plate height

Plate height in the cemetery in Sigy en Bray

Croisy sur Andelle : Raised house heightened by her owner in 1895, to incorporate it a business bar grocer's shop.


La Hallotière :  Agricultural manege  which is situated in the park.

La Chapelle Saint Ouen :

The Manor house and its manege, in bricks.


Hodeng Hodenger: Wash  House


 Fry : Brick-built octagonal dovecote,

freestones and slates(seigniorial house).

 Mesnil Lieubray :

Dovecote,ancient mill. (Private)

The castle  demolished in 1841.

Saint Lucien : Dovecote (private)

 Nolléval : Brick-built dovecote in the hamlet of Montagny. (Private) 

La Hallotière : Circular dovecote (Private)